Bonding with Bandits

This session I spent most of my time hanging out with Boudin and his crew to celebrate out victory over the (insert creature name). After dividing the spoils, I spend some time admiring my new set of uncut gems and real gold. After having a few drinks I spend a pleasant evening in his tent.

The schism in that area has increased severely lately, and its no longer safe to stick around. We head out the next morning on Mickey’s easily-assembled wagon and we start heading east.

During that time, Anne Marie examines Verticy and cements the fact of her being my familiar. We discuss different types of spell casting with Mickey, and Mickey discusses a bit of the history of his race.

I start debating the future of Enfys and debate whether or not I should take her further with me – and how far. I know I wont be able to bring her into human lands, but I don’t know if she’ll fare better with Boudin or somewhere in Seawings.

Session ends as we come to the fork in the road – one leading north where Boudin and crew will be headed, and one leading east – where I’ll be travelling.



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